Friday, 2 September 2016

Seeking justice

Message to White Flowers Alba founder Andrew Lavery

Dear Andi

As a consequence of your efforts to undermine me, the Lantern Project and the hundreds of survivors we have supported for the past 16 years, we are now working towards seeking justice for the harm you and your associates have caused. We will continue to complain to the criminal and civil justice systems in our quest for justice, and we will not be bullied from that course by people who wish to cause us harm.

Kind regards

Graham Wilmer MBE
Director - The Lantern Project
Supporting Survivors of Sexual Abuse
Mobile: 07852 226757
Registered Charity # 1097265



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Monday, 1 August 2016

Is there anybody out there?

Turns out that the mystery blogger 'Real Troll Exposure' in fact exposes nothing! Google News Alerts show no record of any serious news outlet ever taking any notice of the articles published on the RTE blog. So, not making a living from all the time invested in the RTE investigations? Possible to conclude RTE blogger is living of the state - but I couldn't possibly comment, as all comments (free speech etc etc,) are blocked because RTE doesn't like what folks say about them! 

This is what RTE pumped out today, and no, the mainstream media have not reported it.

"Love the referrals section of this blog’s stats… marvellous … it revealed a certain person’s little obsession…

Must be worried. Stamping his flippers up and down …😉

For reference : comments were turned off on this blog because of abusive content being posted in them and it is my responsibility to ensure that abusive content is not posted on the site, it’s no good complaining that you can’t comment when your mates have already caused the problem in the first place !😉

Nice try though but failed again … as usual.

Might want to take a look at the web archive though …😉

Too late to delete it all now.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

So who is the scribe hiding behind Real Troll Exposure?

For some time now, the blog RTE, has been pumping out allegations and insinuations, based on the right to free speech. No problem with that, except that who ever is behind it won't allow anyone to comment or challenge what appears on the RTE blog, which conflicts head on with the concept of free speech. However, it matters not, as the impact of RTE, in terms of keeping children safe from harm is zero. 

Well, here's a surprise!

The Sunday Times journalist, who told the world that I, allegedly, put 'false memories' into the minds of alleged victims of child sexual abuse, presumably based on his personal expertise in the subject, is now claiming that the late Greville Janner was totally innocent of the allegations against him. He seems to base this on an interview with a family member. It is a great comfort to know that we have such seekers of truth in our media, and that they are not open to influence; only the total pursuit of truth guides them. 

"Free speech - but only for me."

And still we wait.

When this article appeared in the Sunday Times, I asked the 'experts' who were quoted to explain how they had come to the decisions they made, because none of them had ever spoken to me! 

That was in October of last year. I am still waiting for their response. 

TWO key witnesses championed by the deputy Labour leader Tom Watson in the VIP paedophile sex abuse scandal are being helped by a charity that uses a controversial therapy experts fear could generate false memories. 

The therapy, in which the victims are given the details of the effects of sex abuse suffered by their own counsellor, has prompted concerns of a repeat of previous scandals in which “recovered memory” played a part in false claims of child abuse in cases such as the Orkney satanic ritual case in 1991. 

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Matthew Scott, a barrister who has worked on a number of child abuse cases, said: “It would be hard to devise a form of counselling more fraught with the danger of producing unreliable evidence.” 

The therapy, “unstructured therapeutic disclosure” (UTD), is carried out at the Lantern Project in Merseyside. The charity is run by Graham Wilmer, a prominent anti-abuse campaigner who was on the original panel for Theresa May’s child sex abuse inquiry under Fiona Woolf. 

A video produced by the charity describes the technique: “Our approach begins with what we call ‘reverse disclosure’, where we tell the victims they do not need to tell us what happened to them as we already know, because it happened to us.” 

In another video, the charity says counsellors will “tell them [victims] in graphic detail about their own experiences”. It also refers to victims having “memories they have tried for many years to bury deep in their subconscious”. 

Experts have expressed concern. Sarah Garner, an affiliate member of the Centre for Memory and the Law at City University, London, said the technique rang “major alarm bells”. Roger Kennedy, a consultant psychiatrist with the Child and Family Practice in London, said: “I find the description of this therapy very strange, they’ve obviously gone completely haywire.” 

Esther Baker, who is receiving UTD therapy from the Lantern Project, alleged in May this year that she had been repeatedly raped by a former MP and others in a forest while police officers stood guard. 

She also claimed to have been trafficked to a flat in Dolphin Square in Westminster for sex parties that included a former cabinet minister. Watson called for a full investigation into her case. 

The accused former MP, who was questioned by police last week, described the therapy as a “mechanism for generating miscarriages of justice”. 

Another witness, known only as Darren, has been helped by Wilmer. He claimed he had been abused on an estate in Suffolk, had witnessed the murder of a man and had been trafficked to Dolphin Square. He named a former cabinet minister as a child rapist and said he knew of a young girl who had died during one sex party. 

Watson passed on information from Darren to the police and to the Exaro news website, which is close to Watson. He offered to meet Darren, but the meeting never happened. The Sunday Times revealed last month that Suffolk police had concluded there was no substance to Darren’s claims. 

Wilmer said UTD was not another version of “recovered memory” and many of those he helps have tried other forms of counselling, which have failed. Among 2,000 patients only one had turned out to be a fantasist, he said. 

The original version of this article made an erroneous reference to the Cleveland child abuse scandal and incorrectly described the premises of the Lantern Project as a “backstreet office”. We are happy to clarify that Esther Baker made allegations of childhood sexual abuse several months before receiving stage five only (Reconciliation) of UTD therapy at the project and we accept that Graham Wilmer, its co-founder, is not part of a political campaign.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

"Enlightenment. We are nothing without it!" {Rango}

Over the past two years, some very fanciful coverage about the Lantern Project has appeared in the Sunday Times, the Mail on Sunday, The Times, the Guardian, The Mail, The Daily Telegraph, and on social media, as part of a smear campaign, aimed at discrediting the project and the survivors we help.

The individuals behind this campaign have toiled hard, often huddled in dark places, behind anonymous key boards, hidden away from scrutiny, or so they thought, as they wove their tangled web of deceit in their lemming-like attempts to undermine the Lantern Project and the hundreds of survivors we support. They have also attacked other survivors support groups, for similar reasons, not all of which are yet in the public domain, but that will change.

While it’s certainly true to say that the disordered minds of these toxic individuals have caused considerable distress to very vulnerable people, and damaged our reputation in the eyes of some of our funders, it would be wrong to say, as some do, that the Lantern Project is a 'busted flush', far from it, and, working with other agencies, including three police forces, we are in the process of exposing the unhappy souls working against us. We we will publish more about this as events allow.

One of the extraordinary, almost mythical ways they sought to undermine us, was to use hand-picked ‘experts’ to raise doubts about the support we offer to victims and survivors of child sexual abuse, saying such plausibley ridiculous things as we put ‘false memories’ into the minds of the people we support, and therefore anything these survivors might say to the police could not be relied on! We do not, of course, and those ‘experts’ will in time be asked to explain why they said what they did, and for what reason?

A particular bone of contention the so-called ‘experts’ pontificated on is the therapeutic recovery model we developed, which we call Unstructured Therapeutic Disclosure (UTD). Despite what the ‘experts’ have said in the press to the contrary, UTD is NOT a clinical therapy. It is a therapeutic, holistic approach to dealing with the many problems adult survivors of child abuse come with when they are referred to the Lantern Project by their GP or any other agency. It includes dealing with debt, court fines, drug and alcohol abuse, relationship problems, the police, civil lawyers, family issues and much more. If the survivors need clinical therapy, such as CBT of EMDR, in addition to all of the other support we provide, we refer them back through their GP to their local psychology services, who see them, assess them, and provide whatever therapy is appropriate.

We work with other local and national agencies to provide the support each survivor needs, and what we do is in fact no different to what the majority of other CSA support services do, the only difference is we gave it a name, and wrote a book about it! If you want to understand more about it, read the book we wrote - it's on our web site as a downloadable PDF and it's free!