Monday, 1 August 2016

Is there anybody out there?

Turns out that the mystery blogger 'Real Troll Exposure' in fact exposes nothing! Google News Alerts show no record of any serious news outlet ever taking any notice of the articles published on the RTE blog. So, not making a living from all the time invested in the RTE investigations? Possible to conclude RTE blogger is living of the state - but I couldn't possibly comment, as all comments (free speech etc etc,) are blocked because RTE doesn't like what folks say about them! 

This is what RTE pumped out today, and no, the mainstream media have not reported it.

"Love the referrals section of this blog’s stats… marvellous … it revealed a certain person’s little obsession…

Must be worried. Stamping his flippers up and down …😉

For reference : comments were turned off on this blog because of abusive content being posted in them and it is my responsibility to ensure that abusive content is not posted on the site, it’s no good complaining that you can’t comment when your mates have already caused the problem in the first place !😉

Nice try though but failed again … as usual.

Might want to take a look at the web archive though …😉

Too late to delete it all now.

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  1. Lol, that's why every man and his dog knows that anyone spouting his pap is entirely impotent! Of course he doesn't have a job, except to spend 7 days a week projecting his deluded claptrap to anyone who'll listen, which is virtually no-one.